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Who we are

Wessex Care Records (WCR) is one of the first Local Health and Care Records (LHCR) programmes nationally. Our aim is to create an information-sharing environment to improve the patient and clinical / healthcare professional experience.

We are doing this by building on best practice of two similar approaches being run by the Dorset Care Record (DCR) and in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight by the Care and Health Information Exchange (CHIE).

Implementation of the WCR programme will allow health and care providers to support people wherever they live across the region.

While our current focus is on joining up records locally, the network of LHCR programmes already underway and those that follow will ultimately allow such sharing of records to take place across the country – joining up Wessex with England.

This means that in the future, wherever and whenever people need health and care support, their record can be accessed.

We will create an analytics information portal to determine trends and future population health requirements. We also want to give people access to their own information – you can read more about this under Our priorities.

Wessex Care Records will also join up with the National Record Locator which is already making an impact with the ambulance service.

Sharing information

Watch the film below by Understanding Patient Data on the benefits of sharing information.

Key Facts

Wessex Care Records at a glance

It stems from an NHS England and Local Government Association initiative in 2018 to join up health and social care records from grass roots up.

Known as the Local Health and Care Record (LHCR).

WCR is an LHCRE (E = Exemplar) and one of the first five to be awarded funding.

The LHCR programme is part of the NHSX mandate (joining up of data across population and place).

One component of WCR builds upon two existing care record programmes (DCR and CHIE) to improve access across geographical borders.

Another is the development of a population health and business intelligence analytics platform across the region.

Our focus is on improving access to information for everyone – clinicians, health and care professionals and local people.