Shared records have the great potential to reduce harm and improve care

Dr Rob Willington
Consultant, Royal Bournemouth Hospital

Our priorities

Wessex Care Records has five priorities. The chart below gives an explanation of each area and outlines what we want to deliver.


Joining across boundaries for individual care

Users of and contributors to DCR and CHIE will have access to all of Wessex residents / registered patients without having to change system or identify where the patient is from. Patients will only have one record on DCR or CHIE.


Citizen access to records

Initially focusing on maternity records, pregnant women in Wessex will be able to access and contribute to their maternity health records. This will eventually lead to other individuals being able to access their records.


Population health management (PHM) analytics

Working in partnership with the Intelligent Working Programme in Dorset and the Hampshire and Isle of Wight PHM programme, we will have the ability to analyse information to inform population health management across the whole Wessex population.


Comprehensive data set and additional data sources

Our established care record programmes, DCR and CHIE, are continuing to add more data to existing records so that areas such as pharmacy, pathology and allergy information are contained within each person’s record. DCR and CHIE will continue to align and work more closely.


Enabling access to shared citizen information

Through the Wessex Care Records digital link, professionals using DCR and CHIE will automatically gain access to a wider population. For example, the records of a Poole resident undergoing specialist treatment in Southampton will be accessible to all teams involved in their care. Engagement is underway to increase the number of professionals using the shared care records.